Bitumen Roofing

Bitumen Roofing

Guaranteed armor for you home.

Bitumen is one of the oldest engineering materials still in use in present modern times, its use dates back to several centuries ago for its waterproof and adhesive properties. In roofing, it is a very durable material that can be used in creating watertight structures that can stand the test of time. Bitumen is also in high demand in other areas of construction aside roofing. They have high tensile strength so they can hardly develop any cracks that other membrane roofs are known for.

In the installation process, granules need to be added to help protect the roof from the sun else it could further raise the temperature of a building or damage the roof of the building.

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Why Bitumen?

Technological developments have modified bitumen as a common material used in membrane roofs which is mostly used in commercial building with an increase in its use in residential buildings too. Bitumen roofing has a wide range of benefits which includes affordability, maintainability, versatility, durability and water resistibility. It is also an environmental friendly material and fits a building well if properly installed; which is why Toms River is a roofing construction brand you can always trust for proper installation – we are 100 percent competent, and as always we would deliver excellently.

Bitumen roofing needs maintenance after they begin to age or deteriorate after heavy rainfall, and only an experienced and skillful contractor can fix such problems. Toms River Roofing, Windows and Siding offers you professional services that stand out with mastery, proficiency and excellent delivery.

Our project managers and consultants can help you generate an affordable bitumen roofing installation or maintenance plan that also includes financing. We also employ state-of-the-art equipments in delivery the best job to you in your bitumen roofing installation or replacement project. In addition to our dedication to proficiency in every project, our styles and design is also unique!