Best outdoor solution

Dec-Tec is the best solution for the outdoor living space of any residential building; its benefits are convincingly massive! They include:

· Fire resistance; it is non-combustible and therefore very safe for home use
· Waterproof; water cannot easily penetrate it which makes it last longer.
· Comfortable on bare feet even at high temperatures with no risk of splinters.
· Diverse custom designs to suit any specifications.
· Anti-termite; it cannot be affected by insects because of its quality material.
· Very beautiful and attractive
· Durable and tough even with heavy furniture.
· Little or no maintenance

construction service

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Dec-Tec can give a feeling of pure bliss and comfort when installed in your outdoor living room where you can have a get-together with family and friends.

Dec-Tec installation must be done professionally so as to get the best of it. Our contractors have the necessary skills and knowledgeable experience that is needed to execute your Dec-Tec installation. Once you contact us for your installation, our project consultants and managers would ensure an installation or replacement (in cases of deteriorated or worn out Dec-Tec) plan is drafted for your project which is to ensure your project is carried out in a grand style – we always deliver with overwhelming excellence and your home will experience a brilliant transformation in interior decoration.