Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Get to know Fiber Cement

Also known as fibre cement cladding, it is a building material used to cover the exterior part of a building’s wall with both domestic and commercial applications; it is a composite material made up of cement reinforced with cellulose fibers. It came into the building construction scene a few decades ago and upgraded the house siding business because it possesses very important features.

Fibre cement siding is a very quality type of siding that is termite-proof, non-combustible and unaffected by natural elements such sun, wind, rain etc. – it is very durable and effective.

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Fiber cement makes difference

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Sheet size varies distinctively from manufacturer to manufacturer but generally they range from 2500 – 3000mm in length and 1000 – 1300mm in width (500 and 300mm increments). Fiber cement thickness varies between 4.5-18mm and also varies in density – the lower density resulting in a fibrous coarse edge when cut and the higher density having a neater less coarse edge when cut. Already installed fiber cement siding require very little maintenance and optional re-painting.

A fiber cement board might come pre-painted or can be done so after its full installation. It can also be used as a substitute for timber fascias and bargeboards in high fire areas.

Fiber cement siding is a very delicate and heavy product – thin fiber cement siding must be handled carefully because it is prone to chipping and breaking if mishandled due to its fragility, which requires a great amount of expertise to handle it and bring the best out of it when used in a wall cladding project. Our professional experience and relevant expertise in replacement of worn out or deteriorated fibre cement siding or brand new installation in your home can guarantee you a job with excellent delivery. We make use of top-notch manufacturer brands such as Nichicha, GAF WeatherSide, Allura Plycem and James Hardie – we are a certified James Hardie contractor. Our project consultants and managers are ever ready to give you the best of services; at your request a budget and financing plan would be drafted to help you facilitate the project. We always deliver with great proficiency; your home will get upgraded in style and beauty when you contract us for your fiber cement wall siding project.