PVC siding

PVC siding

What is PVC?

As a construction material, PVC has been used for nearly 50 years, whereas cellular PVC is still in its first decade of use in residential buildings as a siding material. Wood has been a fierce competitor, and a lot of products fit in this category of composite siding especially any material that replicates wood; they include engineered wood, fiber cement board and PVC. Cellular PVC siding can do most of what the wood siding can do, they include lapboard, trim, cedar shingles, vertical boards, etc.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Siding also known as vinyl siding, is a cellular composite and eco-friendly siding designed to replicate the look and texture of classic real wood siding, thereby reducing the cost involved in maintenance.

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Why PVC?

PVC siding is replaceable, re-installable and recyclable, and it ensures an R-value that is twice the thermal value of any other material in that class; it comes in appealing lasting colors and styles. Its interlocking joints and seamless look are specially designed to ensure that moisture would not penetrate; this ensures that warping, buckling will hardly occur and it is completely resistant to mold and

deterioration, also it would not need to be repainted or re-caulked. It is cost-effective and very durable, it adds a brilliant touch of curb appeal to your home – it a beautiful product indeed!

PVC siding is the cheapest siding around and mostly recommended for low-budget projects; also worn-out PVC siding can also be replaced when necessary. Here at Toms River Roofing, Windows and Siding, our project consultants and managers are at your service for replacement and installation services; they can also help you plan a budget and financing plan. We always purchase quality materials from top manufacturers of cellular PVC to deliver the best job to our clients, and together with professional experience and dependable expertise you are guaranteed the best installation or replacement job.